California Poverty Rate Now Highest in Nation

And for the record, there is no Republican Party to speak of in California.

It’s been dominated by leftists for decades:

The Golden State’s poverty rate is a whopping 23.5 percent – higher than the District of Columbia, at 23.2 percent, and even Florida, and 19.5 percent.

California’s shockingly high number came after the Census Bureau changed how it measures its data.

For years statisticians have based poverty rate calculations on the cost of food – but over the years this methodology has drawn increasing criticism.

The Census Bureau wasn’t getting an accurate picture of poverty rates because it didn’t take into account tax rates and assistance programs such as food stamps, child care expenses and medical costs, according to the Huffington Post.

The most recent figures released last week include such data – what the Census Bureau calls ‘supplemental poverty measure.’

The new metrics have shot California’s poverty rate sky high.

And they keep voting for it.

You get the government you deserve.