Foreign Election Officials Just As Amazed As We Are Over Silly American Voter ID Laws… Or Lack Thereof

Nov 06, 2012

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You know our lack of voter ID laws is laughable (but very serious) when foreign election officials look at us and can’t figure out how we pull it off without cheating. Yeah guys… we feel the same way.


The most often noted difference between American elections among the visitors was that in most U.S. states, voters need no identification. Voters can also vote by mail, sometimes online, and there’s often no way to know if one person has voted several times under different names, unlike in some Arab countries, where voters ink their fingers when casting their ballots.

The international visitors also noted that there’s no police at U.S. polling stations. In foreign countries, police at polling places are viewed as signs of security; in the United States they are sometimes seen as intimidating.

Yes, it is a system built on trust. And yes, it is managed by a government the people do not trust.

It’s problematic to say the least.

P.S. I usually don’t care what foreign election official think of us. In this case, however, they have a good point.