The Steep Penalty for Work

Tyler Durden of Zerohedge calls this chart and the news attached to it “stunning” and I can’t disagree. Well, I could, but I’d be lying through my teeth. Take a look, then continue on for some very hard and unpleasant truths about the government we now have.

Here’s what this means. You are better off if you earn less money, if you work less hard, if you lean more on government money taken from the pockets of your friends and neighbors, than if you worked harder and made four times as much.

Let that soak in for a second, then digest this one more morsel: these numbers exclude SSI benefits given to those the government deems “disabled”. If you include that “benefit”, the number goes higher. Much higher.

Isn’t it time we ended this? The way I see it, we can do it in a reasonable and orderly fashion or it’ll all come crashing down around our ears. We get to choose.

UPDATE: Dan Collins has more on what he calls “The Uncanny Income Valley”. I like that phrase. It captures well our natural instinct to recoil from something that purports to be normal but is truly not.