Apparently Mitt Romney Is An Extreme Candidate And The GOP Establishment Chose Todd Akin

A lot of mixed signals here. I know they’re talking about the Missouri Senate race in the first few seconds of the clip, but as the clip move forward it becomes more general. And the clip ignores true extremism in the Democrat party.

A couple points.

  1. Mitt Romney is only extreme when it comes to his liberal positions. The party did not put up a conservative candidate for President.
  2. The assertion made here leads one to feel the GOP party establishment is involved in candidates like Todd Akin. Todd Akin was outright rejected by the party establishment.
  3. Democrats in the House, Senate and White House are more extreme now vs anytime in my life time (33 years).
  4. Claire McCaskill is pretty extreme to the left.
  5. Why is it that we allow these people to label a candidate “extreme” over a mis-worded statement that most likely in no way reflects the way the candidate would govern? So Akin said something he shouldn’t have… but does that mean he wouldn’t work to protect our rights, our prosperity and our borders? McCaskill on the other hand couldn’t care less about our rights, our prosperity and our borders.

It’s just amazing that propaganda networks like MSNBC continue to project a narrative that the entire GOP structure is “extreme” and they’re the ones looking out for the middle, when the exact opposite is actually true in many ways.

UPDATE: Also this…