Hot Dog Vendor: Assailant Wore Guy Fawkes Mask (Video)

Lee Stranahan spoke with Clint Tarver about the attack on his hot dog stand in Lansing, Michigan.

Tarver identified the mask the assailant wore as being a Guy Fawkes mask:

First off, I like that hat.


The Guy Fawkes mask is a symbol of both the Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous movements.

Tarver was trapped in the tent as it was knocked down from the outside by an unruly mob of union proponents. He dismissed the conspiracy theory that AFP employees were in any way responsible for the destruction of the tent.

Tarver also says he was called racial epithets by other union attackers, including the “N” word and “Uncle Tom.” Tarver says he’s never been called such things in his 17 years as a hot dog vendor. His wife expressed her digust that union workers stood around with their hands in their pockets while Tarver attempted to pick up his catering equipment and other items.

Where is the media?  Where is the professional race baiters?  Al Sharpton, call your office!

The only thing more outrageous than this assault is the lack of concern by the media and the left.