Rice Withdraws Name From Secretary of State Consideration, Media Declares End of Benghazi Scandal

ourview1125-4_3_r560Yesterday United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice asked President Obama to not consider her for Secretary of State in his second term:

U.N. Ambassador Susan E. Rice withdrew her name Thursday as President Obama’s leading candidate for secretary of state, saying the administration could not afford a “lengthy, disruptive and costly” confirmation fight over statements she made about the extremist attack in Libya that killed four Americans.Rice called Obama on Thursday morning, before sending him a letter officially withdrawing from consideration. Rice said in an interview that she had concluded early this week that what she and Obama considered “unfair and misleading” charges against her over the Sept. 11 attack in Benghazi, Libya, would impede the president’s second-term agenda.

“This was my decision,” Rice said. When asked if Obama had tried to dissuade her, she said that he “understood that this was the right decision, and that I made it for the right reasons.”

According to Buzzfeed, that puts an end to the whole Benghazi thing:

According to BuzzFeed’s Zeke Miller, Rice removing herself from contention for the nomination as Obama’s next Secretary of State “effectively caps a three-month administration scandal over the Benghazi terrorist attack.”

Miller goes on to say that because the Republicans found “the scalp they’ve been seeking,” the whole debacle has been resolved.

Resolved? So, all the lies, the deaths, and the support denied to the Americans killed at the consulate before, during, and after the attack is now all erased simply because Rice bowed out?

Miller does note that Republicans are vowing to continue the investigation into the major failures at Benghazi, but he feels that it will now continue “without the bloodthirst.”

This never was about getting a scalp.  It was about getting the truth.

We still haven’t.

This isn’t over.