Survey: 91.5% Say House Republicans Should Stand on Principle, Not Raise Taxes

Grassfire, the parent company of Liberty News, conducted an email survey asking several questions regarding the fiscal cliff and the overall fiscal situation in the United States.

Over 8,000 people were surveyed. 94.5 percent felt the United States was in a dire fiscal crisis and 91,5 percent rejected the idea of Republicans sacrificing principles and raising taxes in order to avoid the fiscal cliff.

Over 70 percent said the fiscal cliff was a crisis manufactured by the Obama administration.  Almost half said Republican lawmakers were part of the overal problem regarding our fiscal situation.

Steve Elliott of Grassfire said, “If I was Speaker John Boehner, these numbers would worry me.”

“An overwhelming majority want Republicans to stand firm on principle.  Why?  Because conservative economic beliefs promote freedom, liberty and prosperity.  Instead of looking at the next election, we should be looking at the next generation.  Will they be as prosperous as we are?  Will they be as free?  We’re burying them in our reckless spending.  Raising taxes while leaving spending untouched doesn’t change that and Republican voters know it.”

Boehner has already sent a proposal to President Obama raising taxes by $800 billion, only to have it cast aside.  The president wants $1.6 trillion in new taxes, three-quarters of which will go to new spending.