The Unintentional Conservatism of Think Progress

Yesterday evening, Think Progress, the blogging arm of the hard left-wing Center for American Progress, posted this graphic on Twitter.

Think Progress McDonalds Salary Gap

I’m going to guess the powers that be at Think Progress believed this a scathing indictment of capitalism and the greed of those horrible one-percenters like Jim Skinner. However, if you give the graphic another read, slow down, and think for a moment, it won’t take you long to see another message in the graphic, a message I am certain Think Progress does not want you to get.

It starts with a question: who says you have to remain an “average McDonald’s worker”? Think Progress assumes the people who work at a fast food restaurant will remain cashiers or burger-flippers their entire working career. Your own common sense says otherwise. There is nothing in the world to stop your average fry cook from working hard and moving up the ladder to supervisor, manager, store owner, owner of multiple stores, and maybe one day CEO of the company himself. That’s how America works — when people are not impeded by the patronizing nannies like populate the offices of Think Progress, they can pursue their goals as far as their work ethic and cunning will take them. Maybe that path ends with a multi-million dollar salary as the CEO of a major corporation that employs well over a million people and has provided opportunities for every one of them to rise above the “average” and chase their dreams.

So, thanks, Think Progress, for reminding us that those old conservative values of hard work, free markets, and opportunity are still alive, no matter how hard you try to squelch them.