Union Thugs Threaten Mich. Governor’s Daughter

-By Warner Todd Huston

Union supporters in Michigan are now threatening Governor Rick Snyder’s children, saying they will harass the children at their soccer games.

At a Lansing union rally, a so-called “reverend” named Charles Williams II promised that he and his pro-union thug friends would protest Snyder’s political decisions at his children’s soccer games.

The purported “reverend” threatened Gov. Snyder screaming, “Juss know one thing, Rick Snyder. You sign that bill, you won’t get no rest. We’ll meet you on Geddes Road*, we’ll be at yo daughter’s soccer game, we’ll visit you at yo church, we’ll be at yo office. Because Michigan workers will not take it lying down. By any means necessary.”

First of all, this hate-spewing thug does not represent Michigan workers. He may represent the 17 percent of Michigan’s workers that are in unions (and even that would be a suspect claim because a sizable percent of them vote GOP) but he doesn’t represent the rest of Michigan’s workers.

Secondly, this threat to attack the governor’s children is as despicable as it is woefully common union thuggery. It is absolutely no wonder that these union goons act this way, though. After all, for most of union history, organized crime has been in full control of unions across the country. They’ve always specialized in violence and murder, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that this is the behavior that the unions emulate.

Sadly, infuriatingly, it is no surprise that union goons don’t see any difference between protesting a law and harassing children. After all. It’s “by any means necessary,” right?

*Geddes Road is where the Governor’s residence sits.