Unions = Violence, Not Laws

-By Warner Todd Huston

Lansing, Michigan — Once again we are seeing that unions are not interested in democracy, they are not interested in being law abiding citizens, they are not interested in bipartisanship. Unions are interested only in rule through violence, intimidation and threats of same. It’s their way or it’s their fist you your face… literally.

Earlier we posted the video of comedian Steven Crowder getting physically attacked by a union goon. Mr. Crowder is actually punched in the face four times by this union thug. Crowder’s crime? He asked the union toughs what they fear about right-to-work legislation.

Yes, all Crowder did was ask a question.

It wasn’t long before this criminal and his violent pals attacked the tent before which the video was taken and tore it down. The tent had women and even a few kids in it and was sponsored by Americans for Prosperity. Again, their crime was simply advocating for the right-to-work bill that was then coursing through the state capitol.

It is possible that the union gang member that attacked Mr. Crowder is one Tony Cummings. This has not been fully proven, but it seems likely.

Regardless, unionistas have no desire to act like Americans. They are violent stormtroopers at heart, not democracy-loving Americans. And the politicians that support them are similarly inclined.

Take the left-wing, Democrat mayor of Lansing, Virg Bernero who declared is love for the lawbreaking union thugs immediately after their violent attacks on the Americans for Prosperity folks.

Bernero spoke near where the union criminals did their dirty work and lavished praise on their criminality.

“Welcome to Lansing!,” the red mayor proclaimed. “We are proud to have you here in our city. We welcome you with open arms. And I have to tell you my friends, my brothers and sisters, as ashamed as I am of what happened in that building [the Michigan Capitol], I am proud of you.”

So, he’s proud of criminals, goons, and violence-prone thugs, but he isn’t proud of a government duly elected by his own citizens and fellow Michiganders.