Vast Majority Of Obama Donations From “Regular Folk” Came From Washington D.C.

Finances Online has a fascinating info-graphic up that paints quite a picture about money involved in Presidential campaigns. I didn’t have a lot of time to digest the entire thing, and next week I plan to write more about it, but today I want to point to a statistic brought up about smaller donations.

The research has a portion that suggests Obama’s campaign received 80% of all donations below $2,500. The way this information is presented, at first glance, easily leads one to believe Obama was the little money guy and Romney was the big money guy. A follow-up thought to this might be that Romney dominated in the special interest realm. But is this really the case?

In the info-graphic data analysis we see the following slide.

Presidential Donations

As you can see there is no question Obama received 80% of donations under the amount of $2,500. But the poison, in my opinion, exists within the fact that just under 37% of Obama’s total haul came from Washington. Totaling $26.2 million. Romney, according to this graphic, pulled less than 300K from Washington. Which is less than 1.52% of his total haul.

Think about that for a moment. Who is in Washington who could afford a $2,500 donation?