Virginia Legislature Moves to Block Card Check

-By Warner Todd Huston

Virginia is trying a first strike-type of response to the possibility that President Obama will somehow be able to get card check passed in his second term. The great commonwealth is looking into passing a state law that would prevent card check before the feds try and make it a law.

Virginia is in the process of setting up a law that guarantees the right to a secret ballot for workers being asked to vote for union representation. This is one of the ages old democratic rights that Obama’s card check legislation would take away from workers.

“This amendment is essential if we are going to preserve voter integrity and privacy,” said Sen. Bryce Reeves (R-Spotsylvania), who introduced the measure. “No citizen should be forced to reveal how they voted in any election, be it a federal, state, local or a union election.”

Reeves’s bill is a response to proposed federal legislation to allow workers to organize by getting their co-workers to sign pro-union cards, a method known as “card check,” instead of by holding secret-ballot elections.

These “card check” votes would be public knowledge instead of secret. In other words, thuggish union bosses would be able to see which workers support them and which do not. And in the era of violence-soaked union thugs attacking anyone that disagrees with them, this sort of public notice of who does not support the union bosses would leave the workers open to intimidation and violence perpetrated against them by unions. Better that their vote be protected by the democratic right of a secret ballot.

This “card check” feature is an integral part of Obama’s Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) and gives employees neither a choice nor any freedoms! In fact, as is evidence with the end of the secret ballot, it takes away choice and freedom.

Earlier this year, Alabama passed a law that would assure workers of a secret ballot, too. So that ball is rolling across the nation.

Let us hope that Virginia finishes its process and gets this law enacted.