Month: January 2013

In 2010 Barack Obama said insurance premiums will decrease by 3,000% so you should get a raise when Obamacare passes. The president also stated, “we can cut the average family’s premium by about $2,500 per year.” In 2012, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) went so far as to say about Obamacare, “everybody will have

When we think about, or hear about flying drones, we think of those drones flown over Afghanistan or another war zone.  Welcome to 2013 and flying drones over the United States. In mid 2012, A pilot of a small business jet reported a near miss with what he reported to be an unmanned drone near

Stunning how privately owned firearms prevent crime and stop criminals dead in their tracks. #sarcasm

What do we call this? A good start? Their hearts and in theory appear to be in the right place and yet the ‘No Budget, No Pay Act’ (HR. 325,), doesn’t go far enough. The only minor change I’d recommend is the timeline or by when date feature of the legislation. The bill is to

The following video is created by the Liberty News team exclusively for Fred Thompson’s America. In the video Fred Thompson shares his thoughts on the current immigration debate.

Another shoe has dropped in the growing scandal over Democratic Senator Robert Menendez’ Dominican hooker forays. And by “shoe” I mean “underaged prostitute”. And by “dropped” I mean “spilled the beans on the Senator’s preferences”. In a little-noticed email published online Wednesday by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a young Dominican woman

Democrats will tell you that regulations don’t cost jobs. Of course, most of these people have never run a business, so they speak from a position of ignorance. The fact is, if costs go up, and revenue stays static, profit declines. When profits decline, jobs are not created. That’s not partisan. That’s simple business. So

Love this guy:

Fisherman in New England are reeling from yesterday’s decision by the federal bureaucracy. Consumers will be reeling, too. The New England Fisheries Management Council (NEFMC) is slashing catch limits drastically. The interagency group claims this will save the fish for the future, others say the new limits don’t help anybody. Here’s the leading edge of the