Democratic Senator: Cory Booker Needs a “Spanking”.

Frank LautenbergWhoever gets the popcorn concession to the New Jersey Senate Democratic primary will be ridiculously rich before it’s done. Sitting Senator Frank Lautenberg is known for three things: 1) being really, really rich, 2) parachuting in to win the race after the then-nominee Bob Torricelli went up on Federal corruption charges, and 3) his uncanny resemblance to Emperor Palpatine. His likely challenger should he run for re-election will beĀ  Cory Booker, the charismatic Mayor of Newark who uses social media like Zorro used a rapier. The race ought to be close and Booker, who is insanely popular in the state, has a good shot at beating Lautenberg. The Senator must be feeling the heat a bit, else he’s hit on a very odd early campaign strategy of ticking off his opponent by comparing him to a disobedient child.

Sen. Frank Lautenberg suggests Newark Mayor Cory Booker needs a “spanking.”

In the Democrat’s first public comments since Booker announced his intention to seek the Senate seat Lautenberg now holds, the veteran New Jersey senator likened the ambitious mayor to a “disrespectful” child.

“I have four children; I love each one of them,” Lautenberg told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I can’t tell (you) that one of them wasn’t occasionally disrespectful, so I gave them a spanking and everything was OK.”

Oh, that’s not the worst thing he said either. I think we need this quote, by the way, to purge our minds of the image of Lautenberg spanking Booker, 50 Shades of Gray-style. NTTAWWT.

“I’m sure he won’t be a lone soldier out there drooling at the mouth and wanting this cushy job we have here,” Lautenberg is quoted as saying.

Seriously. “Drooling at the mouth”. Yeah, that ought to be one heck of an entertaining race. I can’t wait for it to start.