Despite the Law, Mich. Unions Plan to Keep Members in Union Against Their Will

-By Warner Todd Huston

Michigan has become the 24th state to pass a right-to-work law. But thugs to the bitter end, unions in the Wolverine State are warning ahead of time that they have every intention of ignoring the law by using “any means necessary” to circumvent its spirit.

One of the provisions of right-to-work legislation is that employees may leave a union whenever they feel like leaving. Another is that they don’t even have to join in the first place. But union bosses in Michigan are announcing ahead of time that they just don’t care what workers want, they–the unions– plan to do whatever they want to do to workers regardless of any laws.

Michigan Education Association President Steve Cook, for instance, announced that his union would sponsor a “get out of the union” month this coming August. But as far as he is concerned that will be the only time his members will be allowed to quit the union. This is quite to spite the spirit of the law that says members should be able to quit any time they want.

The MEA said if members want to resign, they have to do so in August, “and only August,” Cook wrote.

“We are sticking to that,” Cook wrote. “Members who indicate they wish to resign membership in March, or whenever, will be told they can only do so in August.” he wrote, adding that the union will take legal action against members or fee payers who chose not to pay their dues/service fees.

Imagine the arrogance, here? This union thug is threatening members with legal action just for exercising their right to quit a union.

Some union bosses lower on the chain, though, think this is a threat to members that might make them quit just because the union president is treating them badly. Not a bad point, that.

Regardless, this move of giving members only a small window to quit definitely violates worker’s rights to quit the union when they want to quit.