Dick DeVos on Unions & Right-to-Work Laws

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Heritage Foundation has a very instructive interview video with Michigan businessman and entrepreneur Dick DeVos on the subject of unions and Michigan’s new right-to-work legislation recently passed.

Michigan, “a state that is synonymous with Big Labor,” shocked the country when it passed a right-to-work bill in the waning days of the lame duck legislative session.

DeVos properly notes that “we value the freedom to associate” in the United States, but goes on to point out that we should also “protect the right in AMerica to disassociate.”

This is the most essential question of freedom. How can it be that in a land famed for its freedoms and liberties, some workers are not allowed to work free of union oppression? How is it in these United States that a worker can be forced by law to pay dues when they don’t want to?

Check in with the Heritage Foundation’s video series, “In The Green Room.”