Grassroots Group Slams Senate Democrats With Faxes


As of the time of this post, Grassfire’s members have sent 10,948 faxes aimed directly in to offices of Senate Democrats. The onslaught of faxes are being sent demanding Senate Democrats stand down and refuse to support Harry Reid’s threat of the nuclear option. The full fax campaign language can be found on the official campaign web page located here. The language reads as follows.

Tell Senate Democrats, “Going Nuclear is No Option!”

A power grab is underway in the Senate. Majority leader Harry Reid is about to “go nuclear” and change the rules with a simple majority vote unless Senate Republicans give in and agree to filibuster reforms. But to use Reid’s own words from 2005 when he was the Senate minority leader, “Removing this last check … is a complete abuse of power.”

Fax The Senate Today And Tell Them “Going Nuclear is No Option!”
Reid has given Senate Republicans 24-36 hours to reach an agreement with him, which allows grassroots Americans a short window to express their outrage over his nuclear-option threat. Grassfire has set up a special FaxFire, giving team members an immediate platform to voice their anger about Reid’s plan to change Senate rules. See below and send your faxes now.

Those interested in joining in can view and participate in the nationwide fax campaign by clicking here.


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