Leon Panetta: Women to Serve on Front Lines

-By Warner Todd Huston

For 230 some years, the nation’s military has maintained that only men can serve on the front lines in times of war. Now Obama’s Secretary of Defense may soon announce that he will reverse that long standing policy and allow America’s women to join her men in combat.

Reports came today that Leon Panetta will soon remove the long standing ban on women in combat.

Oddly, the new rule seems to be saying that woman can request combat roles. It doesn’t seem as if the change will allow commanders to order individual women into combat.

One wonders how this can be fair? If women can refuse to join the front lines, why are men refused that option?

Dan Foster over at NRO has pinpointed well what must be the next logical step for the Obama administration. If women are to be allowed in combat, why should they be excused wholesale from registering for Selective Service? Shouldn’t Obama reverse that rule, too?

Of course, we’ve already had many women killed in combat and not just in recent actions. But in the past women were killed in battle only by accident, as it were. Women were in support roles, not in combat roles.

Currently, women comprise 14 percent of the 1.4 million active military personnel.