Man Not Named David Gregory Saves a Boy’s Life with a Gun, Faces Investigation

If the city of Washington, DC was inclined to apply its brand new “David Gregory Get Out of a Gun Charge” rule again, this man would be an excellent recipientgun.

After he came to the rescue of an 11-year-old boy being attacked by a pack of pit bulls, a Northwest D.C. man’s heroic act could land him in jail.

Jayeon Simon, 11, was on his bicycle last Sunday when three pit bulls, loose on his street, zeroed in on him.

“I was riding my bike with my friend Daniel,” Jayeon says. “They started attacking me.”

A neighbor who doesn’t want to be identified saw it, saying a man shot one of the dogs with a handgun.

A bicycle cop in the area heard the shot and responded. He shot the other two dogs. All three were killed.

If the unnamed man, who is now under police investigation because there are questions about the registration of the gun he used, had not been there with that gun, Jayeon Simon would either be dead or in a hospital right now. When three pit bulls go after an 11-year-old boy, the boy doesn’t win that battle and the police officer who eventually showed up didn’t know anything was amiss until he heard the gunshot.

That man is far more deserving of a break from DC’s draconian gun laws than was Gregory, who knowingly broke the law to put on a cheap piece of political theater. Hopefully this story will get a bit more traction and the city will see reason.