My Ex Drinks, Does Drugs, and Has a Criminal Record

DR. WALLACE: I met Mike at a concert and started going out with him soon after the event. Mike was a cool cat. Yes, he was into alcohol and drugs, and yes, he has a criminal record, but he is full of life and an exciting guy.

A month ago, I came home from a date with alcohol on my breath, and my dad blew his mind. Mike and he got into a huge argument and Mike used some nasty adjectives. If it had not been for my mother who intervened, I’m sure he and my dad would have gotten into a fist fight.

I’m 16 and have been out with quite a few guys, but none of them turned me on more than Mike. I’m on restriction and have promised my parents that I will never go out with him again, and I will keep that promise.

My question is this — why do so many girls like to go out with wild “redneck” guys? All of us girls know these guys are double trouble, but we still gravitate to them. Already, I miss Mike, and it breaks my heart knowing that I will never go out with him again. —Ashley, Houston, Tex.

ASHLEY: There aren’t a lot of girls who get a thrill from going out with wild guys, but there are certainly some. Perhaps it’s the excitement of self-destruction. Some women even manage to “fall in love” with murderers on death row.

Most females who go through an “I like losers” phase eventually grow out of it — usually after one or several traumatic experiences with such guys. I understand that you miss Mike even though he’s a jerk. He seems to promise romance and adventure — everything you think your life lacks. In reality, that promise is as hollow as an empty beer keg. He and his kind will only bring you misery. I hope you saw that in Mike’s absurd confrontation with your parents.

Your broken heart will mend soon enough, and you will meet a nice guy who has greater ambitions than drinking, smoking pot or putting cocaine up his nose.


Where Do Teens Get Alcohol?

DR. WALLACE: I’m always wondering where underage teens get their alcohol. Almost all establishments that sell alcohol won’t sell alcohol to young people unless they have proof they are at least 21. Do they steal it from their parents or do they have adults purchase it for them? It appears to me that teens who want alcohol have little problem getting it. My 17-year-old son was actually given beer by his best friend’s stepfather. —Mama, Gary, Ind.

MAMA: It’s true that underage drinkers have little problem getting alcohol. According to a National Academy of Science report, two-thirds of teens who drink are given alcohol by their parents or other adults. This is a troubling statistic.

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