President’s Inauguration Lunch More Fattening Than Michelle Recommends

-By Warner Todd Huston

As we all know, First Lady Michelle Obama has styled herself as the national scold with her hectoring forcing her idea of small-calorie meals on all of us in theory and in practice with her pushing to starve our kids with minuscule, unsatisfying school lunches. But the inaugural lunch that the President just ate was thousands of calories heavier than what his wife, the national scold, helpfully recommends for us.

The Washington Times did the calculations and found that Obama’s celebratory lunch topped out at 3,000 calories!

A healthfood website, the Times notes, posted the full menu of the inaugural lunch and pronounced it “unsatisfactory.”

The Times also posted some of that menu: “The first course is lobster tails in a New England clam chowder sauce. The second course is bison with a red potato horseradish cake. The dessert is apple pie with sour cream ice cream.”

That is a pretty heavy calorie count, eh? We should remember that Michelle Obama was traipsing about the country trying to force school kids to having a meager 850 caliroe lunch last year.

You might remember that the measly meals were so small and unsatisfying, even the kids took to Youtube to protest Obama’s tyrannical lunch requirements.

Yet, all the bigwigs can get many times the calorie count in the inaugural meal? Isn’t that a gross double standard? Where is Michelle “The Scold” Obama to complain about the inaugural lunch? We call it hypocrisy, folks.