Remember the New York “Gun Map? It’s Garbage.

Rockland County Gun MapSo, has anyone been fired because of this journalistic malfeasance?

The newspaper map of one New York county’s pistol permits was riddled with problems, thanks to inaccurate data in official records, acknowledges the paper that published it. Just 3,907 of the 16,998 permit-holding households displayed on the Journal News‘ Rockland County map were current; the rest were classified as “historical,” with no updates in the past five years, explains Rockland’s county clerk. Some permits were issued as long ago as the 1930s; owners could have moved, ditched their guns, or died since then. (An additional map on the website isolates these older permits.)

In other cases, the data was flat-out wrong, the Journal News reports.

To sum up, in an effort to make a cheap political point, the Journal News rushed a story to press with facts it did not even try to verify and put thousands of people at greater risk. The editors of the paper could tasked reporters with a few phone calls, a few home visits, or a detailed interview with the officials who maintained the database. They didn’t. They simply took a ton of raw information, got excited about their left-wing cause, and ran with an erroneous and irresponsible story.

Not one of them should have a job in journalism today. Not. One.