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572 San Francisco Employees Paid More Than Governor


It pays to be a city employee in San Francisco:

No fewer than 572 San Francisco city workers and executives made more than Gov. Jerry Brown last year.

More than 1,500 city workers made more than state Attorney General Kamala Harris.

And that’s without overtime.

“That’s pretty staggering,” said Tom Dalzell, head of the California Citizens Compensation Commission, which sets pay for state lawmakers.

With a salary of $173,987, Brown makes about as much as a senior police sergeant in San Francisco, once premium pay for the cop’s years of service, special training and the like are included.

At $151,127 a year, Harris is making less than many of the lawyers she used to oversee when she was San Francisco district attorney.

“I think you will find that in just about every major city or county in the state,” Dalzell said.

That may be the case, but San Francisco is a true municipal gold mine when it comes to pay. The days when the headline-grabbing “$100,000 club” was made up of a handful of top managers and overtime earners are long gone.

Last year, city controller’s records show, roughly a quarter of the city’s 36,000 full- and part-time workers made more than $100,000 – without overtime.

And 195 workers and execs made more than $200,000.