A Fight Brewing Between ‘Doctor Paul’ And His Followers?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Ron Paul went from Congressman, to candidate for president umpteen times, to retired. Now he may have added a new thing to keep him busy during the days. He is now an Internet thief. Well, a potential one, anyway.

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According to his fan site, www.RonPaul.com, the good doctor is trying to elicit the aide of the United Nations to force RonPaul.com and RonPaul.org–owned by the same folks–to relinquish their sites and hand them over to him.

According to the website, Paul recently lamented that he never locked up his namesake website before his fans got to it. So, again according to the fan site, they offered the .org site to him for free if he’d cough up an undisclosed amount (some say it was up to $250K, but the fans dispute that) to buy the .com site from them.

What was “Doctor Paul’s” reply? Apparently he went to the UN to force them to give it all up and for free.

Instead of responding to our offer, making a counter offer, or even accepting our FREE gift of RonPaul.org, Ron Paul went to the United Nations and is trying to use its legal process related to domain name disputes to actively deport us from our domain names without compensation.

Well, now, dat weren’t too gracious, were it?

Of course, we here aren’t saying that “Doctor Paul” is right or the website fans are… just reporting the discord. Who is to say who is right is who is really doing what?

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