Boy Uses Gun to Save Family From Home Invaders

Good thing the family owned a gun or they could be dead:

Harris County deputies say just before 9pm, three men rang the doorbell at Mara’s home on Brook Garden near Cloudbrook. She says her husband looked through their peephole, saw three young guys and thought they were their son’s friends.

“When he opened the door a little bit, the guy points the pistol at his head,” said Mara.

Mara was in the kitchen making cakes when the intruders yelled at her, her husband and their 21-year-old son to get on the floor. At least one of them was armed.

“My husband sees that we are in trouble he said, ‘Go to the bedroom and get the gun,'” said Mara.

Mara’s son retrieved the gun from under his parent’s bed. His mom followed him to the back bedroom, but so did one of the intruders.

“And he said, ‘I’m not going to hurt you. Lay down!’ But he was yelling, screaming, and when he start approaching me closer and closer, my son shot him,” she said.

Meanwhile, this criminal will end up being used by gun grabbers as one of thousands killed by a gun this year.

Context?  Who needs context when you have liberty to curb?