Clueless on Obamacare: The Liberal Mind at Work

Liberals have a commitment to Obamacare that absolutely defies logic. A destructive program with nasty tentacles becomes the great solution to health care!

In a Saturday editorial, libertarian economist John C. Goodman explores this type of liberal commitment (though not citing Obamacare specifically). Goodman says that liberalism doesn’t even qualify as an ideology, a coherent set of ideas.

Rather, he calls this self-proclaimed progressivism as a regressive sociology, essentially a set of whims which are logically disconnected. This differs from any true ideology:

Suppose I told you that libertarians believe in a free market for tinker toys and ham sandwiches. You would have no difficulty inferring that they also believe in a free market for Rubik’s Cubes.

Sociologies are different. They represent a set of ideas that are often incoherent. These ideas are likely to come together not because of reason, but because of history or happenstance. Not only do the ideas not cohere, they may be completely contradictory.

You can see this same sociology in Romantic poets like Walt Whitman:

        Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)

What nonsense! Remember this comes from Whitman’s “Song of Myself” — the political version is being sung today. And no wonder President Obama’s behavior has the hallmarks of egotism!

As a young man, I found this naricissm appealing to my whims for being whatever I wanted and doing whatever I wished. I matured out of that — liberals need to grow up.

How does this apply to Obamacare? Several years ago, Goodman wrote an article detailing how liberals don’t think logically regarding health care. He describes what he discovered in analyzing the stupidity of nationalized health insurance:

Most of what I’m telling you here today I learned, not from right-wing critics of national health insurance, but from people who believe in it. If you look at my book [“Lives at Risk”], there are probably a thousand different references, and 95 percent of them are references to government reports, academic studies, and newspaper investigations.

And in almost every case, the author of those reports is someone who believes in national health insurance. No matter how many problems they document, no matter how many failures they write about, they don’t give up their faith in the system.

Rather than logic they resort to wishful thinking:

They all believe that all the failures that they write about can be reformed away. They all believe that we just haven’t tried hard enough to reform the system and make it work. Sadly, they are wrong. Virtually all of these problems are inevitable consequences of the politicization of medicine.

Yes, the politicization of medicine. Do you think the Founding Fathers might have understood how politicizing health would amputate the blessings of liberty?

Well, there’s no mention of health in the Constitution and the Tenth Amendment thereby precludes such measures from the national arena. It’s just that simple.

So the public is dealing with irrational, sociological thinking that goes against the facts and the Constitution. Die-hard liberals may well never get it. But some liberals will, millions of others from all political stripes already have, and many citizens are susceptible to truth.

Thus, we have a target-rich environment for dissuading citizens from their adoration of  Obamacare. Let the missiles be launched!