Combat Veteran Arrested for Possession of High Capacity Magazines in New York

This is the type of person snared in the net of gun control:

On Sunday January 6th Staff Sgt. Nathan Haddad, a decorated combat veteran, was driving through Jefferson County New York when he was randomly pulled over for a vehicle check. Haddad, who had five 30 round empty magazines in his possession, was arrested by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and charged with five felony counts.

According to Haddad’s brother, Michael Haddad, Nathan thought these magazines were legally made before the New York Assault Weapons Ban. When Nathan Haddad was arrested the new ban had not even been fully enacted yet.

This is not a criminal, this is not some thug looking to hurt people; this is a decorated combat veteran who was recently honored by the Philadelphia chapter of Blue Star Mothers and the Union League’s Armed Services Council for helping disabled vets get back on their feet.

Good thing we got this guy off the streets, huh? Otherwise, there might be some more disabled veterans all providing for themselves and stuff.


And what’s just as sickening is the idea of this:

he was randomly pulled over for a vehicle check.

What in the wide world of sports is a goin’ on here?

Is this America? Pulled over for a random vehicle check?

How to you New Yorkers live like that?

Haddad’s brother has set up a legal defense fund for him. You can contribute here.