David Frum, the Gun-Grabbers’ Useful Idiot

David FrumI really don’t want to pummel David Frum, columnist, author, and frequent television pundit. I don’t. When he says stuff like this, though (via AceOfSpadesHQ), how can I let it pass by?

Look, I realize Frum has probably not shot a gun in his life, but you don’t have to be an expert to realize how silly a statement that is. I don’t own a gun. The last time I shot a gun was over 20 years ago. Still, I know that I should consider every gun loaded and ready to fire until I’ve determined otherwise. If you handed me a gun right now, I’d check to see if it was loaded (and I’d keep it pointed away from people and I’d keep my finger off the trigger). If I know this, then surely Frum, who is not unlearned by any stretch of the imagination, does too.

The problem with what he said, and his continuing crusade against all reason on the issue of guns, is that he’s become the go-to for media outlets who want a gun-grabbing opinion from the right. An outlet like CNN can get a column from him, then say, with all the feigned innocence in the world, “See? Thus guy is a Republican and he wants reasonable gun control? What’s wrong with those nut-jobs over there?” He’s cast himself in the role of Useful Idiot, though I’m very sure he doesn’t see himself that way. He likely sees himself as the Noble Truth-Teller who stands athwart history and yells “CIVILITY!” Of course, civility is nothing without honesty and he’s come up short on that.

Why doesn’t every gun come with a special Fruminatory device? Of course he knows why. He didn’t want a real answer any more than he wants to engage in a genuine debate. David Frum has things to say to put David Frum on a few webpages and television sets and to sell the book he has prominently displayed in the background of his Twitter profile. That’s nasty business and we ought not take him seriously is that’s the business he’s in.

(Photo Credit: Howard County Library System on Flickr)

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