Does Gun Control Work? A Test Has Been Underway For Three Decades


Gun control. The two words are somewhat misleading, but commonly used to project a brand upon the ideas shared by those who wish to limit access to firearms. The words gun control suggest, at the surface, that a society is somehow going to be able to use prohibition on some firearms to control tragedy caused by murderers who obtain them. Much of the public is currently convinced to believe gun control has yet to be tried. This is mostly thanks to a media full of alleged journalists who refuse to tell the entire story.

The truth is, the theory behind gun control has already been tested. In fact, a thorough, well documented test has been underway for three decades. The test is still taking place. The testing grounds? Chicago, Illinois.

Before we get into the test results, let’s look at one of the big players in striking down 2nd Amendment Rights in favor of self-defense prohibition. Meet the Joyce Foundation. The Joyce Foundation is a rabidly anti-2nd Amendment rights advocacy organization. The organization is responsible for crafting anti-self defense legislation in and around the great lakes region of the U.S. A primary port of their influence is in Chicago, IL. Recently the Joyce Foundation began promoting another entity called WAVE.

WAVE, or Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort, is a fantasy land approach to curbing violence. Check out their opening statement.

More can be done in Wisconsin, and in this country, to keep deadly weapons out of the hands of dangerous people.

No one should ever have to fear for their safety when they go to temple or church, catch a movie, or visit their member of Congress.

The flaws in this statement are numbing. Take a look at Chicago… the ONLY individuals who have guns in Chicago are dangerous people (outside of cops, of course). And the use of the phrase “deadly weapons” in this context asserts the idea that guns are the only tangible products that can be used as deadly weapons. What about hammers? Or knives?

Then, when looking at the second sentence of their statement we see absurdity. Let me just say this… I personally have far less fear going in to see a movie or sitting down for dinner knowing that I carry a Smith & Wesson .40 handgun. I would NOT feel safe if I was not armed and able to try and defend myself. As has been proven time and time again, gun free zones mean only criminals will carry guns in these zones.

So the Joyce Foundation, and other entities they partner with, would have us believe they are initiating policy that would keep us safe. When, in fact, their policy actually creates a much more dangerous environment and creates a barrier between law-abiding citizens and their ability to defend themselves.

Guess who sat on the board for the Joyce Foundation? Barack Obama.

South-side Chicagoan Barack Obama is notorious for his stance against the 2nd Amendment. Let’s look at the facts.

  • In 1996 Barack Obama fully supported a ban (barrier to the rights of Americans) on rifles with minor cosmetic modifications. The ban did nothing to stop fire-arm related violence by criminals and those with intent of malice. 
  • In 1999 Barack Obama proposed a 500% increase in the excise taxes on firearms and ammunition.
  • In 2004 Barack Obama supported legislation that would have banned privately owned hunting shotguns, target rifles and black powder rifles in Illinois.
  • In 2005 Barack Obama voted against legislation to protect homeowners from prosecution in cases where they used a firearm to halt a home invasion.

Once Barack Obama was able to dishonestly convince a majority of low information voters to elect him as President, he went on to nominate rabidly anti-2nd amendment officials such as SCOTUS Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, ATF Explosives Chief Andrew Travers, regulatory czar Cass Sunstein, and U.N. Rep Greg Nickels. He also announced support for the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, a measure which the NRA opposes because it fails to include an exception for civilian firearms.

Barack Obama, a community organizer from south-side Chicago, is deeply integrated in a three decade effort to strip law-abiding citizens of their rights to self-defense via a firearm. Barack Obama and his ilk in Chicago have partnered to put forth a test on gun control for all to watch unfold. And the results are in.


Chicago set out to violate the U.S. Constitution with its testing of “gun control” back in the 80’s. Here’s a taste of how bad it was.

By the late 1980s, several Illinois municipalities had banned the possession of handguns. Chicago required the registration of all firearms but did not allow handguns to be registered, which had the effect of outlawing their possession, unless they were grandfathered in by being registered before April 16, 1982.[37][38] Additionally, several Chicago suburbs had enacted outright prohibitions on handgun possession.

Since the 80’s Chicago has been forced to lift its outright prohibition of handguns, but still makes it illegal to transport a loaded firearm that is not located inside of a secured case. Essentially, this means that law-abiding citizens have no way to defend themselves in the streets of Chicago. If you browse through a recent ordinance file passed in Chicago, you’ll quickly find the government has absolutely no intention of allowing residents to practice their rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.

So we have three decades of gun control to look at for results. Did Chicago’s violation of the 2nd Amendment, and its agressive move for “gun control” work to bar violence? You be the judge.

Chicago finished out 2012 with a bang, as it passed a major milestone hitting over 500 murders. Chicago has started off 2013 on the wrong foot, with this past week’s murder rate outpacing 2012’s. In the wake of Sandy Hook, many people have called for increased gun control. While they have mostly targeted so-called “assault weapons,” proponents of gun control have also sought to further limit handguns. Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. Illinois remains the only state in the country where nobody can legally carry a concealed weapon, and lawmakers recently introduced measures to restrict legal gun ownership even more.

The test results are horrendous. Not only has Illinois created clear barriers to 2nd Amendment Rights, in doing so the city of Chicago is one of the most dangerous and violent cities in the country.

Where is the media on this? And why are Obama’s minions in government getting away with one of the greatest smoke-and-mirrors propaganda campaigns in history?

There is no question gun control is a failure. There is no question it actually provokes more violence. So why is gun control even being considered? What exactly is the real nature of the anti-gun agenda?

Inquiring minds want to know.