Don’t Be Stingy with that Job! Share it, Obamacare-Style!

tea-party-against-obamacareThe news on the Obamacare front just gets better and better.

Obamacare is in the news again as the unelected bureaucrats implement new rules and regulations.

Insurance companies are now going to be required to cover more services than initially proposed. Of course this is all designed to put them on the path to insolvency so single payer can be implemented.

Just to make sure companies do as they’re told, the government is making it easy for employees to snitch on employers whose coverage they don’t believe is adequate. Is it any wonder more and more employers are cutting the hours of part time workers so they don’t have to offer health insurance in the first place? They’re giving “job sharing” a whole new meaning.

Click through that last link and read up on the new “job sharing” ideas creative business owners are devising to get around the ridiculous employee and hour limits imposed by Obamacare.