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FBI Storms Bunker, Rescues Boy, Kills Hostage Taker

It is over.  The boy lives:

FBI agents today stormed an underground bunker to rescue a five-year-old boy being held by an armed survivalist who died in the raid.

Authorities were forced to act after growing concern for the suspect’s mental state, observing him with a gun and ultimately ‘fearing the child was in imminent danger,’ they revealed this afternoon.

The boy, known as Ethan, is believed to be in a fine condition at Flowers Hospital in the nearby town of Dothan.

The gunman, 65-year-old Jimmy Lee Dykes, is deceased – although authorities have not confirmed yet whether he was killed by law enforcement officers or took his own life.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Steve Richardson said during a news conference that negotiations had broken down and Dykes had been seen holding a gun.

Those actions forced the hand of FBI agents, who entered the bunker.

He took his life.  The FBI did it.

What matters is, the boy lives.