Finally, President Obama Will Focus Like a Laser on Jobs

Obama Light Saber
President Obama Saves Several Citizens from Unemployment with Jedi Jobs Focus

Here is your preview of tomorrow State of the Union address: President Obama will focus like a laser on jobs. And not just any laser, but a special pivoting laser that will burn through this horrid economy and create a hole through which bazillions of good-paying jobs will simply pour.

Job One for President Obama in his State of the Union address will be to convince Americans that his top priority is their jobs.

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White House officials tell me they feel stung by coverage of the inaugural address. Reporters highlighted the president’s left-leaning stances on immigration, gun control, climate change and gay and women’s rights. Obama’s aides argue that he devoted more inaugural address language to the economy, jobs and the deficit than all other issues combined.

Still, the perception remains that Obama lost focus on the economy — the top issue in the minds of most voters.

Honestly, how could most voters get that perception? It’s not as if the unemployment rate today is exactly the same as it was when he took office four years ago even though his team predicted his crazy-smart economic plans would have us at 5 percent. Surely voters have taken into account the horrible headwinds into which President Obama has heroically labored. How could voters ever get the impression he was distracted from a labor market that fell like it was Wile E. Coyote with an arm full of Acme anvil by Obamacare, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, free birth control, shady loans to friendly “green energy” companies, yelling at Republicans about civility and the “new tone”, and dozens of rounds of golf?

Silly voters.

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