From Black in America to Black American

leroy dodd

Editors note: This article was written prior to the 2012 election. However it is still relevant today and will remain so in the days to come. Author Leroy Dodd has a unique style of writing in that he deals with the dark reality of the day in which we live, yet always leaves his readers with a glimmer of light that gives hope.

While growing-up in small town Hooks, Tx I was taught what it means to be Black in America, but not what it means to be Black American. And although my ethnicity connects me to a wide-range of unique and remarkable achievements embedded within my race, of which I find great pride, today as a better informed citizen I cling to an even greater and more-noble lineage.

This free land in which I dwell has breathed life into a heritage that links me to a much broader breed of people, and an ancestry that transcends race or ethnicity. This bond of brotherhood isn’t made-up of the science of genetics and strands of DNA, but of shared sacrifice and the common-goal of a people who dreamt of Liberty and who dared to fantasize of Freedom.

And as a result of a resilient and brave people who would not take no for an answer, I inherited a Nation in which I am free to voice my convictions, freely worship my God, and I’m at Liberty to fail or succeed according to the merits of my own deeds.

Just as sure as the Stars and the Stripes stand tall over our Nation and dance in the winds, I cast my sacred vote not in the interest of my own race, culture or religious persuasions, but in the interest of the preservation of our great Republic, that the privilege and love of country that I’ve come to know, shall be maintained for the generations that are to come.

I once was a Black in America fighting to have equal access to what I thought my fellow-man withheld from me, but today I am a Black American, defending the Freedoms and Liberties not given of man but freely given of his creator, of which I’ve always had.

As these final grains of sand concludes this Presidential Election cycle, I will be joined by other Proud Americans who will cast their vote in defense of those who seek to erode the ideals that have made this Nation great, and have secured the inalienable rights endowed upon us by our Creator.

And when the last ballot has been cast and counted, and when it’s all said and done, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness will prevail and continue to be the envied prize possession of all Americans, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics.

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