Gas Prices Jump 25 Cents a Gallon.

UPDATE: Gas has gone up again since this was first posted.

This is an ongoing issue that President Obama and our elected representatives in Washington areGas in 80033 completely ineffective in grasping a solution. Currently our local gas price is $3.19/gal for regular unleaded. That price jumped .05/gal since yesterday. Locally we’ve seen a price increase of .59/gal in the past 30 days, and a price increase of .65/gal since January 16, 2013

I wrote about this issue two months ago when gas was $2.88/gal locally. At the beginning of February gas locally in the Denver metro area was at $3.12/gal average. Currently it stands at $3.35 average, so we’re a bit below the national average.

While being below the national average looks good on paper,it doesn’t look good when you have to go to the station and fill up the tank.

And just where is President Obama and his, “All of the Above Energy Policy?”

Gas Prices Jump 25 Cents a Gallon: “

U.S. gas prices have risen an average of 25 cents a gallon over the last two weeks, according to the Lundberg Survey of fuel prices. 

The national average price of a gallon of regular gasoline is now $3.59, midgrade is $3.75 a gallon,
and premium is $3.89.

A gallon of diesel costs 12 cents more than it did two weeks ago, climbing to an average of $4.07 gallon.

The Lundberg Survey found that Los Angeles, CA has the highest gas prices, averaging $4.05 a gallon. Billings, MT had the lowest average gas price at $3.05 a gallon.

Gas prices have risen steadily under President Barack Obama. On the first day of Obama’s presidency, the average price of a gallon of gas was $1.84

(Via Breitbart Feed.)