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Government wasting money!

Gov’t Union Chief Mad at Union Pay Raises Authorized by Obama

-By Warner Todd Huston

In this current government-created depression, President Obama has once again decided to be magnanimous with our tax dollars by giving all government employees a raise… even as the rest of America stays stagnant in pay or is even losing jobs.

As it happens, the president of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) is not happy with that darned old 1% increase in pay–that would be those tax dollars given to him for no effort on his part. It is “absolutely unconscionable” he complained.

It’s “simply not enough,” AFGE president David Cox Sr., carped.

“It is not enough to allow federal employees to make up lost ground from two-plus years of frozen pay. It is not enough to allow workers, most of whom earn very modest salaries ranging from $24,000 to $70,000, to maintain living standards. And it is not enough to send a message with any kind of clarity that the administration values the federal workforce and doesn’t believe it should continue to bear an enormously disproportionate share of deficit reduction,” David Cox Sr., the president of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), said in a statement.

Make up lost ground? Off the backs of America’s poor and her beleaguered taxpayers.

Obama decided to bestow upon these unionistas more of our tax dollars, but that isn’t good enough for these government sponges.

Like I said, most Americans are finding their salaries cut, their hours slashed, the benefits eliminated, their pay stagnant if they are lucky, and yet here we have tax-paid government employees grasping for more of our money and in this era where their very work is causing us to go bankrupt.

No wonder our government is failing.