Gun Dealers & Manufacturers Fire Back.

Gun Dealers and Manufacturers Fire Back at the current assault on their business. Those involvedimgres in the legal sales and gun dealing and those who manufacture gun components have found their voices.

Earlier this week, Colorado based Magpul put Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and the state legislature on notice. If HB 13-1224 Prohibiting Large-capacity Ammunition Magazines, passes, they will be leaving the state.

Magpul will take 200 jobs from Colorado and find a more gun friendly state. Also missing if the bill passes will be the estimated $85 million in contracts to Colorado small business’s. Adding to the business leaving will be the loss of business expansion within the state. Alfred Manufacturing Company which does contract work for Magpul has put on hold it’s anticipated $1 million construction expansion, pending the outcome of the HB 13-1224 legislation.

Message from Gun Dealers to Police Departments

Minneapolis city hall beat: Gun dealer assails Rybakblack_gun_amd_police_id-1024x768

by Eric Roper, Star Tribune

About two weeks after Mayor R.T. Rybak threatened to withhold city business from gun manufacturers critical of the president’s gun control plan, a local dealer had a message for City Hall this week:

‘WE DON’T WANT YOUR BUSINESS,’ Gary Shade, president of an Apple Valley custom firearms shop, e-mailed Rybak and the Minneapolis City Council on Tuesday.

Shade doesn’t currently do business with Minneapolis cops but wants to make it clear he won’t in the future since ‘your mayor believes he can bully gun manufacturers with threats of no business.’

‘When your police run out of ammunition, or need service parts for their firearms look elsewhere,’ Shade wrote.

Shade’s letter said he is joining with Olympic Arms and LaRue Tactical in restricting sales to police departments or cities that support Obama’s ‘unconstitutional’ gun control plan or are ‘affiliated with the Fraternal Order of Police.’

In an interview, Shade said he sells to other police departments, but only sent the letter to Minneapolis because of Rybak’s strong comments.


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I like this. I hope it catches on across the nation.