“How the Sequester Will Destroy Your State”, A One-Act Play Starring Barack Obama

Feb 25, 2013

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Obama-in-prayer1President Obama is taking his Sequester Woe Tour on the road. Kind of.

The White House is aiming its latest warnings about the dire consequences of deep across-the-board spending cuts at an audience beyond the Beltway, issuing a new report Sunday that breaks down the effects on every state.

Ahead of a black-tie dinner that President Barack Obama is hosting for the country’s governors, the administration released details on how each state would be hurt by $85 billion in spending reductions slated to kick in at the end of the week. The White House has been ratcheting up the political pressure on congressional Republicans to work toward a budget deal that would replace the sequester.

“This will have serious programmatic consequences for all 50 states and the District of Columbia,” Jason Furman, principal deputy director of the National Economic Council, said in a conference call to unveil the study.

The biggest reason a federal cut will hurt the states is, over the years, states have grown dependent on grants from Washington. Governors have taken hundreds of billions of dollars in federal tax money because it’s easier to do do that than to ask for the money directly from the citizens of their own states. Of course, each layer of government takes a bite out of each dollar so that one of your dollars taken by the federal government then sent to the states is much smaller than one taken and spent directly by the state.

But who cares about efficiency and the wise use of the money you work hard to earn? Governors have to get re-elected, don’t you know!