Hugging Michael Moore? Conservative Film Needs Your Help

Capitalist pig.
(Photo: david_shankbone/Flickr)

You know who wanted to hug Michael Moore?


It’s true:

Would you hug Michael Moore? New media trailblazer Andrew Breitbart sure wanted to. On a visit to Moore’s theater in early 2012, Andrew searched for his favorite capitalist. In “Hugging Moore,” we will explore-in true Breitbart style-the reasons why Michael Moore has become wealthy on a system he so despises. Be a part of the project by making a donation today. Help us tell the story of a rich white guy who hates the system that made him rich and the man who wanted to give him a hug.

I know the folks behind this documentary personally.  I know they were close with Breitbart, so I trust them when they say Breitbart said this.

The documentary isn’t about Breitbart.  It’s about putting a spotlight on the hypocrisy of the bloat in Michael Moore’s bank account, made by producing anti-capitalist propaganda for the slack jawed, glassy eyed masses who still think Utopia awaits them if they just do communism right this time.

Click the link. If you can toss the guys a little coin, I know they’ll spend it well.