It’s Not the Crime, but the Coverup, Right?

David Gregory Magazine Teardrop TattooOn December 23rd, 2012, NBC News host David Gregory broke the law on national television when he brought an 30-round gun magazine onto the set of his show “Meet the Press”. Magazines of that capacity are illegal under Washington, DC law, a fact he and his staff knew because they called the city police department and asked permission to do so. The police told them no. Three weeks later, the attorney general for the District of Columbia announced he would not charge Gregory with the crime. In other words, David Gregory knowingly broke the law and the authorities refused to take any enforcement action beyond a sternly-worded letter.

Emily Miller, a journalist with the Washington Times, asked for a copy of the police report. The Department has thus far refused to give her as much as the case number. She also filed a Freedom of Information Act, something she should not have had to do since police reports are public information available to anyone who asks. The police have not honored that request either. She has also contacted the attorney general’s office and two members of the D.C. city council who have oversight over the police department. They have not responded to her beyond their initial replies that they would look into the matter.

Since Gregory’s nationally-televised gun law violation, the city government of Washington, DC has stonewalled Miller’s attempt to do what we expect journalists to do. She has not asked for any special treatment nor tasked anyone with anything outside their routine duties. Nevertheless, the city has chosen to rally around a lawbreaker.

Why is that, do you think?

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