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Minn. Democrats Sticking Fingers in Ears, Yelling La La La on Gun Facts

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Like all Democrats Minnesota’s Democrats are not interested in truths or facts and they provd it by organizing a walkout and reusing to listen to a pair of firearms experts explain how firearms work during a State House Public Safety Committee hearing.

As Bob Owens reported on the 15th, a cadre of Democrats on the House Public Safety Committee decided that they didn’t want to be exposed to the truth during the hearing earlier this month.

Owens notes that there was a video of the hearing posted to Youtube that showed the Democrats in an organized walkout as soon as the firearms experts came to testify. The experts said that many of the left’s anti-gun talking points are based on a complete lack of knowledge about guns, how they work, and what they look like.That many of the guns that liberals want to ban are being banned based only on meaningless cosmetic criteria.

Curiously, as soon as Minnesotans began to email the video around to each other noting that it proved that Minnesota Democrats refuse to even listen to those testifying before their own committee the video was pulled, disappeared down the Internet memory hole.

As Owens notes, “It certainly does appear that elected officials left the room to avoid expert testimony that would have better educated them about the issues they intended to legislate on.”

It does, indeed.

So, how does one legislate about a thing unless one becomes informed enough about that thing to know what one is going on about? One–or rather all–Democrats don’t. They don’t care about knowledge, facts, or truth. They have their fantasy world of hate-based feelings and that is all they are interested in nurturing. This walk out proves it.

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