NPR Falsely Claims GOP Invented Sequestration.

There are two items that come to mind regarding this story. First, that anyone still listens to NPR. Secondly, that no one in the Main Stream Media bothers to check any news story facts prior to either printing or going on air with the story. That lack of journalistic due diligence might have worked 40 years ago. Today with active minds seeking accurate and news with attention to detail, outlets like NPR simply don’t cut it.

NPR Falsely Claims GOP Invented Sequestration: “

Ahead of the President’s State of the Union speech, taxpayer funded National Public Radio (NPR) tried to help the White House push the false notion that the sequestration budget cuts was conceived by Republicans. In truth, it was initiated by Obama and pushed by the Democrat Party.

In order to advertise its coverage, NPR tweeted that sequestration was a ‘Republican invention.’

‘Though A Republican Invention, Obama Could Get Blamed For Sequester… With the deadline approaching for automatic spending cuts, Republicans in Congress are pushing hard to rebrand the cuts that were agreed to as part of the debt-ceiling agreement of 2011,’ NPR claimed.

The fact is, sequestration was invented by President Obama and pushed by Harry Reid and House Democrats, not Republicans. It is certainly true that the GOP agreed to the plan, but they did not ‘invent’ sequestration.

Even often left-leaning ‘fact checker’ PolitiFact noted that Obama was the one that invented the sequestration budget conceit and rated ‘mostly false’ any claim to the contrary.

‘Obama can’t rightly say the sequester isn’t his,’ PolitiFact concluded.

Fortunately, many good folks on Twitter didn’t let NPR get away with its less than factual reportage.

(Via Breitbart Feed.)