NYC Schools Handed Out 12,721 Doses of Plan B Meds Last Year, Without Parental Consent

Feb 04, 2013

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My daughter went to public school for one year.  I remember getting a call to see if they could give her some pain meds for a headache.  I appreciated that call, because I care about my daughter and want to know what she’s being given.

For instance, if I lived in New York, I would want to know if my daughter was given one of the 12,271 doses of Plan B.

Those parents, they don’t know.

New York City schools distributed 12,721 doses of the “Morning-After Pill” to students last year, according to documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. The 40 school-based “health centers” also performed thousands of injections of long-term contraception and implanted intrauterine devices (IUDs).

Under state law, schools do not need to obtain parental consent to dispense the drugs. The $2.7 million program has provided contraceptives to 22,400 teens as young as 14.



Surely they told the parents of those girls, right?


These children have rights, you know?

Ask me again why I homeschool…