Obama Renominates NLRB Nominees After They’re Found Unconstitutional

This isn’t an “in your face” move by the president.

No, not at all:

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In a provocative move, President Obama Wednesday re-nominated two controversial Democratic candidates to the National Labor Relations Board just weeks after a federal court invalided their recess appointments to the posts.

Mr. Obama again nominated Sharon Block, a former Democratic Labor Department official, and Richard Griffin, a Democratic union lawyer, to serve on the NLRB.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled Jan. 25 that their appointments to the NLRB were invalid because Mr. Obama installed them in the posts in January 2012 through an unconstitutional exercise of his appointment powers.

I think before we get any further with this, we need to address the repercussions those appointments had in the “free market.”

Why are any decisions made by the board valid if they weren’t Constitutionally approved?

The should be invalidated:

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