Obama’s Budget Failures Ground “Blue Angels”

300px-BlueangelsformationpdThe Chief of Naval Operations is planning on grounding the Blue Angels if the sequester takes effect, canceling 30 shows.  The move will save $20 million.

With military concern about budget cuts set to hit the Pentagon and federal government March 1 reaching a crescendo, the Navy is prepared to ground the famous squadron for the second half of the 2013, according to an internal Navy memo.

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The memo and an accompanying slide show, sent out by Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert last week, show plans to cut all funding for the Blue Angels, the Navy’s flight demonstration squadron and the country’s oldest flying aerobatic team.

It isn’t just the Angels that are getting shut down.  Actual ship movements and readiness training are being impacted:

If Congress can’t reach a deal in the next few weeks, the Navy is prepared to stop deployments to the Caribbean and South American, limit European deployments to only those supporting ballistic missile defense missions, reduce the number of ships and aircraft deployed and reduce the number of days at sea and flying hours across the entire force, according to the memo.

In addition, the Navy would stop training, flying and other operations for the majority of ships and aircraft preparing to deploy, “unless funded by Fleet Commander’s proposed offsets.” Adm. Greenert said the Navy also would consider the possibility of civilian furloughs of up to 22 days.

This is a direct result of reckless fiscal policy and failures to produce budgets.  The House Republicans have passed budgets, only to have Senate Democrats do nothing.


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