Ohio Professor Says “More Killing” Is Needed To Achieve Gender Equality

Higher education, progressive style:

Randolph Roth, a history professor at Ohio State University, recently gave a campus speech that launched into a massive tirade against Republicans and other subjects in a talk so controversial, even university officials have yet to release official video of it.

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But members of the school’s independent, libertarian-leaning student newspaper, The Rubicon, captured the Jan. 24 speech on film and loaded it up on YouTube yesterday.

Deviating from the intended focus of his speech, his recently published book “American Homicide,” which chronicles murder statistics throughout history, Roth instead made a series of bizarre and controversial statements, The Rubicon reports.

“His remarks were so scathing and scattered that it appears the Humanities Institute, which sponsored the event, has no plan to release the official video,” according to the paper.

At one point during his anti-Republican rant, the paper reports, Roth “suggested that their behavior mimicked apes.”

He also suggested that in order to achieve gender equality, …”you have start to killing more people.”

Watch the video and see for yourself:

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