Rapidly Aging: 8 Million Brits Over the Century Mark in Britain Soon, Says Study

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Lincoln HospitalThis could be trouble, not only over there but here as well.


Britain is ‘worryingly underprepared’ for a dramatically ageing population, with 8million people expected to live to more than 100.

The National Health Service, care system and public services face major challenges to deal with sharp rises in the number of older people, a Lords committee will warn next month.


By 2030 there will be 50 per cent more people over-65s, and the number of 85-year-olds will have doubled.

Half of babies born after 2007 will live beyond 103, Professor Sarah Harper from the University of Oxford said.

‘The combination of a bulge in our population taking advantage of increases in life expectancy means that I think 8 million people currently will make it to a century,’ she told the committee.

‘One of the things we did at Oxford was do some simple modelling to extrapolate it to Europe, which said there will be 127 million people who are going to make it to 100 throughout the EU.’

A few questions come to mind.

  1. If Britain will have 8 million over the age of 100 , how many will we have?
  2. If the NHS can’t handle theload now (and its care of the elderly is already appalling), how will it handle a number that large without collapsing completely?
  3. How will out health care system handle our elderly in 30 or 40 years, given that the President’s end-goal is a single-payer system just like the NHS?

Maybe we ought to talk about this before we launch ourselves fully into the sort of government-run health care hell with which the Brits have to deal every day.

(Photo Credit: Lincoln Pix on Flickr)

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