Guest Post: Republican Governor Bob McDonnell Schools Democrats on Raising Taxes

The following is a guest post, written by Jamie Radke.

bobThe lesson learned in Virginia – Republicans are far more skilled at raising taxes than Democrats! Remember Governor Bob McDonnell’s campaign theme in 2009 for governor?

Well, now the Republican governor will get to claim credit for engineering the largest tax increase in the history of Virginia with his six billion dollar tax increase. It seems only fitting that Governor McDonnell receives a new logo:

I have counted a minimum of ten tax increase schemes in this $6 billion tax monstrosity supported by Republican Governor McDonnell and approved and passed by Speaker Howell (R) and Majority Leader Norment (R). Yes, you read that right, all credit goes to Republican Leadership for a $6 billion tax increase! These regressive taxes disproportionately hurt the hard-working poor, middle class, and small businesses. So what are the details of the massive tax increase?

Simply put, they are serving you up an assortment of taxes du jour for your fine dining pleasure.

The sales tax will increase on everyone in Virginia, but it will be hiked up even higher if you live in Hampton Roads or Northern Virginia – too bad, too sad. A brand new 3.5% wholesale gas tax will be imposed, but if you use diesel, your wholesale fuel tax will be 70% higher. Keep reading, because the Republican Leadership is not done with you yet.

Republican leaders now want to start taxing all internet purchases, and if that measure falls through then they will increase the gas tax another 40%. They will also increase the tax on car sales, personal property and vending machine sales. Lastly, if you live in Northern Virginia, another sucker punch, because you will also be taxed on the sale of property, taxed a higher rate when you buy something out of a vending machine, and they threw in a hotel tax increase for good measure. I’ll stop here, but this still isn’t everything!

It is important to juxtapose Governor McDonnell’s support of this massive tax hike with his rhetoric in the past:

1) Just last year, Governor McDonnell ironically issued a harsh rebuke of Tim Kaine’s proposed tax increase in a press release:

While Governor, Tim Kaine proposed over $4 Billion in tax increases…From his plans for raising salestaxes to increasing fees on used cars, Tim Kaine found a way to promote regressive taxes that furtherhurt Virginia’s hard-working poor and middle-income families.

2) In an interview during his campaign for governor, Bob McDonnell’s campaign administered this strong quote:

Bob McDonnell will not raise taxes as governor. Virginians know Bob McDonnell, and they know where he stands…Bob McDonnell knows you grow an economy by ensuring citizens keep more of what they earn, and business owners have more money to invest in creating new jobs and expanding their operations. Virginians are certainly not under taxed.

3) But it wasn’t just Bob’s campaign issuing strong rhetoric, Bob McDonnell said himself in the Washington Times:

And should the General Assembly send him a transportation plan that increases taxes, Mr. McDonnell said in an hour long Associated Press Interview, he will veto it.

4) In this Bob McDonnell campaign commercial, Bob pledges to fund transportation without raising taxes. Watch video here.

5) In this Bob McDonnell campaign commercial, Bob attacks his Democrat opponent, Creigh Deeds, for a one billion tax increase proposal for transportation, which seems small when you compare it to the six billion tax increase we will get from Bob McDonnell. Watch video here.

6) And in a radio interview during his campaign, Bob McDonnell was asked, “So no tax will be raised during your four year term?” Bob’s response was:

I’m gonna find other ways to be able to fund transportation. I have outlined 12 funding mechanisms that are creative and entrepreneurial.

State Senate Democrat Chap Peterson summed up the largest tax increase in the history of Virginia most appropriately, telling the WSJ that the $6 billion tax increase is “a grotesque combination of tax cuts, tax rebates, tax increases, new taxes, old taxes which are phased out (and then reappear elsewhere), regional alliances . . . special projects, and exceptions to all of the above.”

Don’t despair and think that all Republicans in Virginia are worthless. A number of Republicans voted against this abysmal tax increase plan, which is why so many Democrats were needed to pass it. Furthermore, Susan Stimpson, who is seeking the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor, has boldly called for new leadership in Richmond and is the only Republican candidate running for statewide office who has pledged to lead the way on repealing the largest tax increase in the history of Virginia. Kudos to her!

It’s not too late for you to take action. The bill is actually sitting on Governor Bob McDonnell’s desk. Let the grassfire mobilize and show Governor McDonnell how many people oppose the largest tax increase in the history of Virginia.

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-Jamie Radtke