Tax Increase for one and all.

Tax increase for one and all, yes we’re seeing them. In 2008 then candidate Obama, promised while in New Hampshire, that no one making $250,000 or less would pay more in taxes. Of course we all know how that’s turned out.

2013 has brought us 13 new tax increases.

The elephant in the room tax increase or better expressed as the turd in the punch bowl tax increase is the rapidly increasing cost to fill our gas tanks.
Gas in 80033

Locally in the metro Denver area, gas prices rose another .06/gal for regular unleaded since yesterday. The price of gallon of regular unleaded gas has increased .79/gal in the past month.

This unreported tax increase hits everyone who drives, and that’s a major part of the president’s favorite group, the middle class. Those who still have jobs will continue to have to put gas in their tanks in order to get to work. And spending an ever increasing amount on gasoline, means there is just that much less money for other things.

The ongoing gasoline price increases are a direct result of the president’s “all of the above,” energy policy.