Breckenridge to Decide: Paper or Plastic Fees.

Safeway Self Checkout - Fail.The city of Breckenridge, Colorado is the latest Colorado city to take on this issue. In Breckenridge, the focus appears to be simply a revenue generator for both the city and the retails, as the proposed .10/ per bag fee would be equally divided between the town and the retailer.

In Colorado’s iconic town of Aspen, it’s a completely different story about plastic bags. Beginning in May of 2012, the city passed an ordinance banning plastic bags completely. Grocery stores are prohibited from providing single use plastic bags to their customers. Paper bags are available at a cost of .20/each, and of course you can bring your reusable tote bags for your purchased items. Prior to the ordinance taking effect, the city of Aspen was giving away reusable bags to residents to assist in the transition. Store managers say the transition has been easy, and the real test of the new ordinance will come with the influx of summer tourists, who may not be aware of the new ordinance.

In the southwest corner of Colorado, the city of Durango, has been looking at addressing the Plastic Bag Ban since June of 2011. A grassroots effort by Durango city residents has been promoting the elimination of single use plastic bags.

Durango’s neighbors to the north in Telluride, Colorado, have had a single use plastic bag ban city ordinance since March of 2011. Some retailers were allowed to exhaust their supplies of plastic bags, and according to city officials, the transition has gone well.

Opponents of the Plastic Bag Ban say that often the facts presented don’t support a ban.

Plastic bags are 100% recyclable.

A majority of Americans reuse plastic bags in the home for trash can liners or picking up after their pets.

Most plastic bags are made with natural gas and not oil and therefore are recyclable.


No vote on the issues is slated until after the public has an opportunity to voice their concerns on the issue.



Disposable bag fee to go before Breckenridge city council



Shoppers in Breckenridge may soon see a 10-cent fee on plastic and paper bags, as the town considers a policy that would implement the charge on disposable totes at all retailers.
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