Colorado – Anti-Gun Legislation Now Law.

Colorado – Anti-Gun Legislation Now Law. This morning Colorado Governor Hickenlooper has signed Attention Gun Grabbing Politicians:three anti-gun legislations that had passed the Colorado Legislature recently. The three bills, HB-1224, HB-1228 and HB-1229 all were signed by the Governor.

House Bill 1224

Bans the sale, transfer or possession of a magazine capable of holding more than ten rounds of ammunition. Those who currently own magazines that hold more than ten rounds would be able to keep them in their possession, but would be unable to sell or transfer them! Furthermore, any magazine larger than ten rounds that is manufactured in Colorado on or after the effective date of HB 1224 must include a serial number and date of assembly. Not only will this increase the cost of magazines, it could force law-abiding citizens who currently possess unmarked magazines larger than ten rounds to produce evidence that they possessed the magazines before the ban was enacted.

House Bill 1228

Now burdens law-abiding gun owners by imposing an undetermined fee (gun tax) for undergoing a background check through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) InstaCheck system. The CBI InstaCheck program is failing in its duties and cannot process or handle the volume of checks seen in the last few months. Recently, the Colorado Legislature denied a $500,000 request from CBI to expedite the backlog of checks. Instead, HB 1228 would punish gun owners by forcing them to pay for a defunct program that blatantly impedes their constitutional right.

House Bill 1229

Now criminalizes the private transfer of all firearms, even between certain family members! Under HB 1229, you will be forced to undergo a criminal investigation if you wish to purchase a firearm from certain family members, friends and co-workers. This system can only be enforced with gun registration. And, as we know from experiences in California, Canada and Australia, gun registration enables gun confiscation—only from honest citizens—since criminals are not subject to registration or submit to criminal investigations.


John Cooke, Sheriff in Weld County, Colorado, has gone on record, on national TV, saying he won’t enforce the new state gun laws and that he and some other sheriffs are considering legal action against the governor and the state.

By contrast in today’s Concord Monitor there is the following:

“In New Hampshire, there are more than 5,100 people with an average pay of over $60,000 working in the firearms and ancillary industries generating more than $1.09 billion of economic activity.”

It’s great to see that there are some states who haven’t fallen for the touchy, knee-jerk, feel good legislation that our Colorado Legislators have fallen for.

This story is by far from complete as the signed Colorado legislation doesn’t become effective until July 1, 2013.